Shawy Adventures v0.045 released!

Hi all, a new version with many fixes is here. As requested by a few players, joysticks should be working properly on this version. Also JC Noir contributed with a few additional story texts (thanks JC Noir!).

New version includes:
- Fixed possible crash at exit.
- High-score crashfix.
- Fixed issues with touch button positions.
- Added a few additional story texts for a few areas (contributed by JC Noir).
- Shawy regains air faster when he is not on water.
- Added a color mode picker screen when the user starts the game for the first time.
- Area name is now shown when entering a new area and on the full map screen.
- Enabled fullscreen option on the settings screen for Windows build.
- Added a key mapping for taking a screenshot, defaults to zero.
- Added a Pixel Perfect option on the settings screen.
- Fixed joysticks not working properly.
- Re-colored a bit the water tiles with the waves with a lighter tone.
- And many more fixes, check the full changelog here: https://shawyadventures.github...


ShawyAdventures_0045.exe 45 MB
Jun 25, 2017 47 MB
Jun 25, 2017
ShawyAdventures_0045.tgz 37 MB
Jun 25, 2017

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