A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Shawy Adventures is a Retro Action Platformer inspired on the early Game Boy games.

Help Shawy with his first adventure, recover the stolen sacred stones and became rich and famous.

A prototype demo is available for download for Windows, Mac and Linux (64bit).

Game Features:

  • Retro Action Platformer
  • Pixel Art style using a 4-color palette
  • Adaptive and unique soundtrack
  • Kill lots of enemies and three different bosses
  • Final game will have 15+ areas to explore
  • Find secrets and get your score as high as possible
  • For Windows, Mac and Linux (64bit)


  • Left or A: Move left
  • Right or D: Move right
  • Up or W: Look up
  • Down or S: Look down
  • Z or J: Attack
  • X or K: Jump
  • M or Tab: Map


ShawyAdventures_0050.exe 49 MB
ShawyAdventures_0050.zip 50 MB
ShawyAdventures_0050.tgz 40 MB

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