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Shawy Adventures Demo v0.8.2
Hi all, I've just released a new patch for the Shawy Adventures Demo build, includes some improvements and fixes: Windows Build no longer requires vcruntime140d...
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Shawy Adventures Demo v0.8.0
Hi all! Here's a new Shawy Adventures Demo version while a keep working on the final stages of the game. There has been a lot of changes since the last released...
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Shawy Aventures v0.050 released
Hi all! Here's a new development version that includes many bugfixes and a new Endless Mode (current mode is now Story Mode). Among the changes are: Work in pro...
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Shawy Aventures v0.048 released
Hi there, I've just uploaded a new build, it includes many UI improvements, a new gamepad configuration screen, some usability fixes (fullscreen issues on all...
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Shawy Adventures v0.045 released!
Hi all, a new version with many fixes is here. As requested by a few players, joysticks should be working properly on this version. Also JC Noir contributed wit...
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Shawy Adventures v0.040 released!
Hi all, I've just released another new version of Shawy Adventures, v0.040 includes several major changes on the game that improve the gameplay: Base resolution...
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Shawy Adventures v0.039 released!
Hi all, I've just released v0.039 which includes two new areas to explore, three new enemies, more color modes and several improvements more! Check the full cha...
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